Fall Research Expo 2021

Cortical Gray Matter Segmentation on Ex Vivo T2W Imaging and the Effect of Neurodegenerative Pathologies on Cortical Thinning

The goal of my research is to optimize methods of determining postmortem cortical thickness measurements from MRI scans in various brain regions. This is important because cortical thinning often serves as a biomarker for neurodegeneration. Understanding its patterns can ultimately lead to improved diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases in living patients. I applied the resulting data from this study by analyzing the correlations between reduced cortical thickness and neuropathologies that are associated with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease. This allowed me to determine what pathologies may lead to cortical thinning in certain brain regions. 


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Did you happen to use any control patient brain autopsy samples without Alzheimer's Disease?