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Maxine Fang
Test & Roll: Profit-maximizing A/B Tests
Sep 19, 2022
Fall Research Expo 2022
Apr 28, 2023
Psychology Undergraduate Research Symposium 2022
Mar 25, 2022
2022 Classical Studies Senior Research Colloquium
Apr 22, 2022
2022 Spring Research Symposium
Feb 04, 2022
Summer Research and Fellowships Fair
Dec 06, 2021
The Earth & Environmental Science Department's Environmental Case Studies, ENVS301, Final Project Conference
Sep 14, 2021
Fall Research Expo 2021
Apr 26, 2021
GSWS Honors Thesis Projects
Apr 23, 2021
CWiC Emerging Scholar Talk 2021
Apr 30, 2021
Psychology Undergraduate Research Symposium 2021
Apr 09, 2021
Earth and Environmental Science Senior Research Conference 2021
Apr 01, 2021
Classical Studies Senior Research Colloquium
Apr 23, 2021
CURF Spring 2021 Research Fair
Sep 17, 2020
Fall Research Expo 2020
The future of this site:

Today this site hosts several CURF and departmental events entirely virtually.  We intend this site to be a resource to the Penn community, and are building out the capability for the Penn community to create and run research poster sessions and similar events... And in the future, it can be a virtual repository and online expo hall for in-person events.  Keep an eye on this space!

Perelman Quad in early spring